1. allabouthistory76:

    Alexander Hamilton; US Treasury in DC


  2. Answer me this: what girl doesn’t want to be Kiera Knightley?

  3. fleurdulys:

    Portrait of Alice Crawford in the Role of Olivia, Twelfth Night - William Logsdail


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  4. steelylaceribbon:

    François-Hubert Drouais, The Marquise d’Aigurandes - detail, (1759)

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    Sir Thomas Sharpe x

    A good 9 on the Snape scale

  6. shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn:

    N.C. WYETH
    Washington Salutes The Flag
    Oil on Canvas
    34” x 24”

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  7. Lucy Ebberton, Detail 

    by George Knapton (1698 - 1778)

    Dated: c.1745-50

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  8. gentlemansessentials:

    Country Side

    Gentleman’s Essentials

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  10. Maenad crowned with ivy and grapes

    Marble, Roman copy (1st-2nd century AD) of a Greek original of the 3rd century BC (right arm and vase are modern restorations), H.176 cm

    Musée du Louvre, Paris Inv. Ma 911 (MR 101)

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  13. Edwardian actress Miss Lily Elsie. Restored and colored.

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  14. apocalypse-revolutionnaire:

    "Pierrot", short jacket, 1780s, France. The fabric is blue "Nattier" taffeta silk brocaded gold with "décors à la rivière". This "Pierrot" was often worn with an embroidered cotton gauze skirt. Fully lined with white linen. Pleated ribbon ivory silk faille on the neck and with 6 metal buttons to the wrist. Photo villa-rosemaine


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  15. speciesbarocus:

    Delphine Meunier - Bibliothèque municipale de Versailles (2010).

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